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Johnny Mnemonic (EP 106)

Join The Last Row Podcast as they loop this episode through Jones to extract the breakdown of the 1995 cyberpunk thriller, Johnny Mnemonic. Find out why Drew owns two copies of the DVD and how Badway hated this movie because he “just didn’t get”. The guys also discuss Keanu’s fortunate career, overloading hard drives, the dreaded NAS disease, and ponder if Jones the Dolphin was being abused, or was a willing hero.

We’ll see you again on Thursday, June 9th.

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Speed (EP 62)

This week Drew and Badway keep the conversation above 50 mph by discussing the adrenaline pumping classic, Speed (starring a freshly buzzed Keanu Reeves, and everyone’s 90s crush, Sandra Bullock). The guys try to make sense of the friendly bus driver’s skeleton hair, debate who pays when a policeman steals and destroys your car, and how to survive a falling elevator by jumping just before it hits the bottom floor. Other topics include: the logistics of a bus launching across a gigantic highway gap, Dennis Hopper’s ranking on the villain scale, and Badway’s wishlist for additional bus passengers. Be sure to stick around to the end for some 100% fact checked (yeah right!) Speed fun facts and trivia.

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Point Break (EP 56)

This week the guys bring you a detailed breakdown of all things Point Break. Adrenaline junkies Drew and Badway are talking Gary Busey’s awful surveillance tactics, Johnny Utah’s flimsy undercover back story, and Bodhi’s outlook on life. Other topics include: ID’ing a perp via butthole, surfer etiquette and their attitudes towards outsiders, an “is surfing a sport?” debate, and a semi-hot take on the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Finally, the guys answer some burning questions from the depths of the IMDB message boards.

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The Replacements (EP 20)

Football is back, and who better to lead us into the new season than the legendary Shane Falco and the underdog classic, The Replacements. After extensive film study, Drew and Badway scout all of the major players from the movie and pair them with their real-life NFL counterparts, as well as lay out their possible playing futures beyond the closing credits. The guys also talk favorite football movies, compare Falco’s skills to other famous movie QBs, what to do when your truck gets flipped over (just leave it there), and figure out the best way to discreetly rig an NFL game.

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