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The Program (EP 88)

The college football season is in full swing, so The Last Row Podcast celebrated by breaking down the 1993 cult classic The Program. The guys give their thoughts on the unfair rules that student athletes are held to, discuss James Caan’s phoned-in performance, and ridicule the actor who played the starting QB for lying about his audition for the lead in Schindler’s List. But ultimately, we’re only here for Lattimer, as Drew and Badway discuss his ‘roid rage, debate the best ways to cheat a drug test, and how to acquire and transfer clean urine.

We’ll see you again on Thursday, September 30th.

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The Replacements (EP 20)

Football is back, and who better to lead us into the new season than the legendary Shane Falco and the underdog classic, The Replacements. After extensive film study, Drew and Badway scout all of the major players from the movie and pair them with their real-life NFL counterparts, as well as lay out their possible playing futures beyond the closing credits. The guys also talk favorite football movies, compare Falco’s skills to other famous movie QBs, what to do when your truck gets flipped over (just leave it there), and figure out the best way to discreetly rig an NFL game.

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