If you’re looking for a great movie podcast, you’ve come to the right place.

Movie reviews are subjective. Judging films shouldn’t be so black and white. Here at The Last Row, Drew and Badway find the silver linings in predominantly poorly received movies. We’ll discuss what worked, what went horribly wrong, and how to “fix” it by altering the plot, recasting the lead role, or however else we see fit. We’re in the business of constructive criticism.

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Reviewing flicks out of your favorite genre will add a larger audience. There are alot of good movies with bad reviews in other catagories.
    Although I love listening to Drew & Badways witty banter, I am not interested in the particular movie being reviewed. And with that said the podcast does not make want to see it–mostly because it is not in my movie genre.
    I am drawn to the podcast due to the chemistry, knowledge, and fun of Drew & Badways perspective of movie reviews. This is a top notch duo of entertainment.


    1. Didn’t know this was a review, thought I was sending message. Wrong approach. I hoped to steer the guys to a different genre other than action films. I still give them a 5 star rating!


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