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The Terminator (EP 100)

On this milestone edition of The Last Row Podcast, Drew and Badway celebrate their 100th episode by discussing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s breakthrough film, The Terminator. Topics include: Skynet’s inability to crack the phone book, Kyle Reese refusing other soldiers coming through the time machine so he can have Sarah Connor all to himself, and the possibility that the T-800 sent on the assassination mission was likely a dud. Thanks to everyone for listening! 100 more episodes on the way!

We’ll see you again on Thursday, March 17th.

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True Lies (EP 72)

Drew and Badway return from cover-story computer sales jobs to bring you another episode of The Last Row Podcast, this time covering the 1994 classic True Lies. The guys break out the sodium amytal to fact check serious statements such as ‘This is Jimmy Cameron’s best movie’ (False), ‘This is Bill Paxton’s best role’ (True), ‘Harry Tasker put the entire country at risk in order to save his marriage’ (True), and ‘Henchmen on skis are effective shooters’ (VERY False). When we tell you this is a great episode, you’re just going to have to trust us.

We’ll see you again on Thursday, February 11th for our next episode.

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