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Major League (EP 102)

It’s baseball season once again! The Last Row Podcast is here to welcome opening day by breaking down the 1989 cult classic, Major League. The guys pitch a few warmup tosses by discussing losing for a living, old men in pajamas, and bringing snakes into the workplace. Go deep into the game by pondering “reading” Hustlers in public places, and close it out by inducting Jake Taylor into the Creep Hall of Shame. Stay for extra innings as Badway tests Drew’s baseball knowledge by quizzing him on “Real or Fake Ballplayer Name?”

We’ll see you again on Thursday, April 14th.

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The Substitute (EP 59)

Drew and Badway get an “F+” in attendance when it comes to putting out episodes of The Last Row Podcast lately, so the guys put in a little extra credit with an extended look at the 90s action/thriller The Substitute. Is Tom Berenger a sloppy fighter? Is running drugs through a school really a good plan? Is Juan Lacas an effective gang leader? Why did Marc Anthony look so sickly in this movie? Can you do a love scene with a woman in a full leg cast? So many questions. Take notes, there WILL be a test!

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Note: Our next episode  will be released on Thursday, May 18th. Movie to be announced on our Twitter and Facebook pages next week.