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Cobra Kai Season 4: The Resurrection of Terry Silver (Bonus)

On this special bonus episode of The Last Row Podcast, Drew and Badway are joined by guest hosts Ken Cole and Chris Maffei, forming the “Terry Silver Brain Trust” and breaking down all things Silver while discussing Cobra Kai Season 4.

(Note: We’ll also be joining Ken on his YouTube channel for a Livestream discussion for this episode on Sunday, Feb 27 @ 2 pm Eastern)

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The Karate Kid, Part III: The Ballad of Terry Silver (EP 13)

Revenge is on The Last Row Podcast’s mind during a downright giddy discussion of The Karate Kid Part III (:The Ballad of Terry Silver). We discover why Silver tips over the villain scale with his diabolical revenge plot, nuclear waste disposal company, humble clothing, informative leg-sweeping textbooks, and his Daniel-san approved Toyota pickup truck. Other hot issues include: the anti-Batman, grand theft Bonsai, emergency plant surgeries, and that one time Daniel-san spooked a girl and got friend-zoned because his only buddy is an odd 70-year-old Japanese man. Additionally, Drew and Badway place values on movie props and engage in a True or False “making of” trivia game.

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