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Batman Returns (EP 97)

The Last Row Podcast returns to cover the oddity of the Caped Crusader franchise, Batman Returns. Drew and Badway discuss too many villains, going Full Burton, Batman burning a man alive, Bruce Wayne making Alfred supply wood to the largest fireplace in the world, and the act of being raised by penguins.

We’ll see you again on Thursday, February 3rd.

Our “Original Batman Movie” Episodes:

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Jack Frost (EP 65)

The guys at The Last Row Podcast kick off 2018 by dissecting the 1998 box-office bomb, Jack Frost. Drew and Badway are talking deadbeat dads, dead dads, snowman rules, snowman funerals (including the proper disposal of snowman ashes), and when exactly to quit your crappy band and stop burdening your poor wife and son.

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