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Hard Target (EP 108)

Jean-Claude Van Damme joins Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steven Seagal in the prestigious Last Row Podcast Five Timers Club, with this week’s episode featuring Hard Target. Topics include: John Woo’s US film debut, JCVD’s movie demands, Canadian tuxedos, mullets, Wilford Brimley’s inexplicable role, and hunting the most dangerous game.

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Timecop (EP 69)

In Episode 69 of The Last Row Podcast, Drew and Badway occupy the same space, at the same time, to analyze the JCVD fan favorite, Timecop. Topics include: gratuitous nude scenes, secret pregnancies, convoluted villain plans, roller coaster time machines, and post-time travel psychological counseling. The guys also talk about the actual plot of the movie for maybe 3 minutes.

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[On Demand] Jean-Claude Van Johnson + Fifty Shades Darker (EP 46)

This week’s episode features Drew and Badway stating their case as to why Amazon’s new Jean-Claude Van Damme action/comedy pilot Jean-Claude Van Johnson should be picked up for a full season. The guys give their top five reasons why the show works, do a bit of a deep dive into JCVD’s twilight years (as well as the latter stages of his peers), discuss the state of both streaming and network television. Additionally, Drew and Badway spend the episode’s final minutes (38:55) doing a rapid reaction to the newly released Fifty Shades Darker trailer, complete with “sex ghosts” and butt-whippers!

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