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The Heartbreak Kid (EP 104)

The honeymoon is never over for Drew and Badway, as they analyze the doomed relationships in Ben Stiller’s 2007 rom-com, The Heartbreak Kid. The guys discuss having the guts to stop a mugger, going to your ex’s wedding, being pressured into marriage, and if it really is possible to pull the ol’ switcheroo during your honeymoon.

We’ll see you again on Thursday, May 12th.

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Alien: Covenant Review

In a special mini-episode, Drew and Badway give their thoughts on Ridley Scott’s newest “space movie” Alien: Covenant. Topics include: How the movie holds up as a sequel to Prometheus, Michael Fassbender’s fantastic performance, likes/dislikes, and the future of the Alien franchise.

Note: Our next episode on Mortal Kombat: Annihilation will be released this Thursday, stay tuned!

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