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The Heartbreak Kid (EP 104)

The honeymoon is never over for Drew and Badway, as they analyze the doomed relationships in Ben Stiller’s 2007 rom-com, The Heartbreak Kid. The guys discuss having the guts to stop a mugger, going to your ex’s wedding, being pressured into marriage, and if it really is possible to pull the ol’ switcheroo during your honeymoon.

We’ll see you again on Thursday, May 12th.

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Heavyweights (EP 70)

The Last Row Podcast use Episode 70 to whip your butt into shape by breaking down another 90s kids classic: Heavyweights. Luckily this episode wasn’t cancelled due to Drew and Badway’s lack of hustle. Among many topics surrounding The PerkiSystem and Camp Hope, the guys answer the most important question of all: Was Tony Perkis the real villain of the film or simply just tragically misunderstood?

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