Predator standing on a building raising his weapon in a lightning storm, holding a skull and spine.

Predator 2 (EP 113)

The conclusion of The Last Row Podcast’s “Predator Month” has the guys revisiting the often forgotten Danny Glover led Predator 2. Was Lt. Murtaugh a realistic and viable opponent for a Predator? Is it easier to fight a Predator in a city vs the jungle? Will a future 1997 really be littered with foreign drug warfare, and if so, will the mayor take a Ted Cruz-esque conveniently timed vacation to escape it all? Is having a Predator in your city the perfect violent crime deterrent? Finally, is Glover’s Predator weaker than Arnold’s? All of these questions, and more, will be answered! Additionally, Drew and Badway touch on the many sequels of the franchise, including the fantastic new entry, Prey.

Check out Part 1 of Predator Month!:

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