Chappie with Ninja and America

Chappie & The Last Row(BOT) Rankings (EP 14)

What do you get when you mix hardcore analysis of movie robots and an undeniable urge to keep it gangsta? You get The Last Row Podcasts first ever double episode!  The first half is dedicated to the polarizing sci-fi thriller, Chappie, as Drew and Badway break down the 1s and 0s on Die Antwoord and the “Zef” lifestyle, their parenting skills, and the rumor regarding Ninja trying to give Wolverine acting pointers. Other topics include: the career progression of Neill Blomkamp and the unfair comparison to that Shyamalamalan guy, Hugh Jackman’s mullet, and what Drew would do with his own personal Chappie. Then, be sure to stay tuned to part two where the guys unveil the official Last Row(BOT) Rankings, as they rank the top ten movie robots, scoring them based on five categories: Strength, Intelligence, Wit, Human Trust, and Beauty.

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