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Rock Star (EP 75)

The Last Row Podcast is back to pay tribute to the greatest drama about a fictional metal band: the 2001 Mark Wahlberg “classic” Rock Star. Drew and Badway forego the same old jokes about this movie that have been done to death, to bring you their crappy originals, including: the invention of leather pant-specific underwear, Drew wanting this movie’s tagline on his tombstone, and wondering if Chris Cole learned from the Tom Brady school of leadership by constantly berating his bandmates into playing perfectly. The guys also rate the Steel Dragon tracks. Better follow your dreams, man….and download this episode now, because we all die young…

We’ll see you again on Thursday, March 25th.

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The Girl Next Door (EP 16)

Close the blinds, put the kids to bed early, earmuff the dog, and crank the AC because The Last Row Podcast is willing to find out if the juice is worth the squeeze with our most risque episode to date: The Girl Next Door. Drew and Badway explore the world of adult entertainment as it relates to both this film and real life. Can you date an adult film star star AND have future presidential aspirations? (No). If your friend was dating a closeted industry pro, would you tell them if you knew? (Maybe). Would you trade sexual favors to get out of debt? (how much we talkin?) Is it a violation to call an adult performer by his/her real name? (It is). These questions are merely foreplay as we get to know all of the characters and their quests for love, greed, self-respect, and of course, moral fiber. The guys also play a game of “Adult Film Star or Pro Wrestler” and playback the show’s very first voicemail.

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