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Blank Check (EP 57)

After another small break, Drew and Badway are back to break down Disney’s 1994 classic, Blank Check. From batting cage to inflatable boxing ring, the guys tally and critique all of Preston Waters’ purchases as he carelessly blows through $1,000,000 in less than a week. Other topics include the inner workings of the Waters brothers business (Hand and Foot), a return of the villain scale, whether adults should question an 11-year old spending time with a mysterious older businessman named Mr. Macintosh without having met him, and Shay Stanley’s dedication to going undercover. Finally, the guys uncover a 20+ year old movie bombshell, simply known as “Plan 442.”

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Preston's Account Summary (Blank Check)
Preston’s Expense Report/Account Balance
Preston's Real Estate Listing (Blank Check)
Preston’s Real Estate Listing
Preston's Birthday Wish List (Blank Check)
Preston’s Birthday Wish List

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