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[On Demand] Wonder Woman / Justice League Trailer Hype, Comic Book Fact or Fiction (EP 42)

This week on The Last Row: On Demand, Drew and Badway talk Suicide Squad hype, and analyze the DCU trailers released at Comic Con: Wonder Woman and Justice League. Drew gets his fanboy on and Badway tries to reel him in. Aquaman pun intended. Badway also has some questions on the day-to-day life of the Justice League, and Aquaman in particular. The EP closes with a game of “Superhero Fact or Fiction?”

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (EP 27)

This week on The Last Row Podcast, Drew and Badway go straight from the theater and into the studio to bring you their hater-free thoughts on the critically maligned and box office approved epic, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. In this two-part episode, the guys open by talking about the hype leading up to the release, react to the critical beating the movie took, question Zack Snyder’s reputation, and renounce their unofficial partnership with the Rotten Tomatoes scoring system. The second half (spoilers included) breaks down the host’s likes/dislikes of the film, thoughts on the Justice League tie-ins, and ponder the future of the franchise.

*If you haven’t seen the film yet, potential spoilers start at the 29:25 mark*

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