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Final Destination (EP 107)

They say only a few things in life are certain: death, taxes, and The Last Row Podcast releasing a new episode every other Thursday! Well, you can’t cheat Death, as we find out in the 2000 thriller Final Destination, and you can’t cheat Drew and Badway out of discussing important cinema topics such as: the rare “double dump”, Death cleaning up its own crime scene, and the pathetic act of drowning in a 2 inch puddle. We’ll see you soon…

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Little Giants (EP 09)

In honor of Super Bowl XLIX weekend, The Last Row Podcast studies the game tape of the 1994 gem, Little Giants. No detail is too small as Drew and Badway discuss the legendary Kevin O’Shea’s post college flame-out, his “big fish in a small pond” mentality, and his penchant for automatic transmission Corvettes. Badway details his full scouting report on hotshot QB, Junior Floyd, while Drew questions O’Shea’s dream crushing, niece brainwashing coaching tactics. Finally, the guys debut their new game, “Last Row Lines.”

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