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Shorts: Toy Hunting & Coach Reilly Villain Scale (EP 114)

In the debut series of The Last Row: Shorts, Drew and Badway discuss random movie and pop culture topics, and also score a villain from their early podcast library to place them on their patented “Villain Scale”. This week, the guys open by discussing their adventures in toy hunting, and wrap up by scoring the Villain from their very first episode ever, The Mighty Ducks’ Coach Reilly.

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The Mighty Ducks (EP 01)

In the debut episode of The Last Row Podcast, Drew and Badway revisit a childhood classic: The Mighty Ducks. They discuss Gordon Bombay’s REAL motivation for coaching the Ducks (hockey moms), pee-wee hockey locker room cancers, and the origins of the word “cake eater.” They also re-live a “Coach Reilly” moment from Badway’s childhood basketball career, break down little Gordon Bombay’s improbable 198 goal season in the pee-wees, and blow your mind with a new theory about the existence of Hans.

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