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Geostorm (EP 118)

They went in expecting a disaster flick, but instead got a space mystery, as The Last Row Podcast covers the 2017 box office hit and critical flop, Geostorm. Drew and Badway discuss not only the bad acting and bait and switch plot, but also slow Smart Cars costing lives, rocket launchers in trunks, the world’s most heartfelt coded message, and one of the most unexpectedly evil movie villains in cinema history.

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Passengers (EP 58)

The Last Row Podcast returns from a short hiatus with a quick debate on the moral questions posed in the 2016 sci-fi film, Passengers. Fear not, Drew and Badway still find time to discuss more important issues such as: big mouthed robot bartenders, cleaning bots that do the REAL dirty work, a hidden serial killer plot, and Andy Garcia’s award winning work in the film.

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Note: Our next episode (The Substitute) will be released on Thursday, May 4th.