[On Demand] Christmas Movie Extravaganza (EP 51)

It’s Christmas time! What better way to celebrate the holidays than checking out The Last Row Podcast’s On Demand Christmas Extravaganza? Sit by the fire as Drew and Badway tell you tales of their favorite holiday movies, debate what qualifies as a true Christmas movie, and take an extended look at the relationships of your significant other’s favorite holiday rom-com, Love Actually. Other topics include: more of Badway’s Blockbuster Video horror stories, Xfinity’s horrible holiday ad, Tim Burton’s war on Thanksgiving, why you don’t leave your wife alone with Rick Grimes, why the word “bang” equals adultery and the emergence of Bilbo Bang-ins. Finally, the episode wraps with a quick round of Plot Fiction.

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D3: The Mighty Ducks (EP 50)

After a short hiatus, The Last Row Podcast returns for their 50th episode, completing the Mighty Ducks Trilogy that started way back in Episode 1, with a look at D3: The Mighty Ducks. Bombay is out as coach, Hans is DEAD, Coach Orion rules, and Charlie is whiny and annoying. Drew and Badway discuss it all, including which Ducks didn’t deserve athletic scholarships, the team’s inability to drop the “Ducks” moniker, the incredible coaching job put forth by Coach Orion, and a SHOCKING revelation about the dark past of a drunken Gordon Bombay.

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Demolition Man (EP 49)

This week on The Last Row Podcast, we take a peek into the window of our future by watching the 1993 classic, Demolition Man. Is freezing the world’s criminals for safe-keeping a good idea for a wussified society? No cursing? No sexual contact? All Taco Bell everything??? Drew and Badway are skeptical. Other topics include: Leaders dressed as Popes, Denis Leary bullying people into buying Ford trucks, timecist behavior towards thawed men, and a possible solution to the Three Seashells riddle. Be well!

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[On Demand] Movie Nostalgia & The Return of Plot Fiction (EP 48)

This week The Last Row Podcast takes a journey into the movie vaults of a young Drew and Badway. The guys share their favorite movie memories from their childhoods with top 5 lists of their favorite movies during their formative years. Then, in celebration of Halloween, they share their top 5 movies/scenes that scared the crap out of them as kids. Finally, back by popular demand, is another exciting edition of Plot Fiction.

The Last Row’s Guide to Movie Nostalgia (movies in list form!)

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The Last Row’s Guide to Movie Nostalgia

We often get asked about our favorite movies. As two guys who pretty much grew up in the 90s, we wanted to give you a glimpse into what movies we consider “classics” from our formative years.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, but if you haven’t seen these movies, we highly recommend that you check them out.

If you want to listen to us discuss this list, listen to our On Demand EP 48 found here.

Drew’s List (in no particular order):

Sidekicks (1992), Directed by Aaron Norris – (IMDB 4.9/10)

This movie has it all…Nerdy kid learning karate to fight his high school bully, Winnie Cooper, that other Bridges brother, and most importantly, Chuck Norris. This movie came out before Chuck Norris was “a thing” and now not a thing. I’d venture to say if this movie came out during that time period, this movie would have destroyed the Internet.

Watch Sidekicks: YouTube

Short Circuit (1986), Directed by John Bradham – (IMDB 6.6/10)

What’s not to love about an adorable robot with emotive eyebrow flaps who thinks he’s alive? It’s even got a white guy playing an Indian guy, and Steve Guttenberg! Instant classic.

Watch Short Circuit: Amazon | iTunes

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Directed by Chris Colombus – (IMDB 6.9/10)

Spending 3 hours dressing up like a 65-year old woman to spend time with your kids, including the bratty one… That’s called dedication. Who doesn’t love seeing James Bond get a lime thrown at the back of his head?

Watch Mrs. Doubtfire: Amazon | iTunes

Airborne (1993), Directed by Rob Bowman –  (6.2/10)

What’s more 90s than street hockey, downhill rollerblading, and Seth Green? Yes, that was Jack Black in this too.

Watch Airborne: Amazon

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985), Directed by Tim Burton – (IMDB 7/10)

Even though Large Marge scared the crap out of every kid who watched this movie, Pee-Wee taught us important lessons like the lack of a basement in the Alamo, how to make friends at a biker bar, and to never leave your bike unattended.

Watch Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure: Amazon | iTunes

Badway’s List (in no particular order):

The Cable Guy (1996), Directed by Ben Stiller – (IMDB 6/10)

Everyone has had that pathetic friend that no one wants around. Wait. Maybe YOU’RE that friend! Anyway, The Cable Guy was Jim Carrey’s darkest and least commercially successful film of his historic mid 90’s run, but it also might be the wittiest and holds up quite well. Bonus points for a previously unknown Owen Wilson taking a brutal bathroom beating, which is actually Carrey’s second-funniest bathroom beating of his filmography (Liar, Liar).

Watch The Cable Guy: Amazon | iTunes

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), Directed by Tom Shadyac – (IMDB 6.9/10)

Obviously, Jim Carrey had a big impact on my formative years. I wore this VHS out back in 1995. Ace Ventura expertly told one dirty adult joke after another, hiding them just well enough to zoom over any kid’s head under 12 years old. Now, every time I see Dan Marino, I want him to die of gonorrhea and rot in Hell. Would you like a cookie, son?

Watch Ace Ventura: Pet Detective: Amazon

The Wizard (1989), Directed by Todd Holland – (IMDB 6/10)

They don’t make ’em like they used to. I guess sometimes that’s a good thing. Likely borderline unwatchable now, The Wizard had that youthful independence feel to it, captured by similar films of it’s time (Mac & Me, Flight of the Navigator, Little Monsters), but with video games!!! What 8 year old could resist?

Watch The Wizard: Amazon | iTunes

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (1988), Directed by Jerry Kramer – (IMDB 5.9/10)

So it’s basically Michael Jackson music videos, with a loose story about Jacko befriending homeless children and protecting them from a pony-tailed, heroin peddling Joe Pesci. Somewhere along the way, MJ turns into a flying killer robot. Why are you still reading this? Go watch it!

Watch Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker: Amazon (DVD)

The Pest (1997), Directed by Paul Miller – (IMDB 5/10)

I like John Leguizamo’s work. Many others think he’s super annoying. In The Pest, he is hunted for sport. Even his haters could get some enjoyment from this film by openly rooting for the bad guy to mount his head to wall of his “wildlife room of death.” I loved this movie 20 years ago, but it’s basically an SNL type of skit stretched out for 90 minutes. It’s probably terrible now. I think I’ll leave it as a memory.

Watch The Pest: Amazon | iTunes

We’d love to hear what movies are on your list – let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or send us an email!

Varsity Blues (EP 47)

Jonathan Moxon does not want your life. He’s going to Brown. While the greatest fictional backup QB of all time (sorry, Matt Saracen) found a way out of his crappy hometown, The Last Row Podcast will always be here with the townies to tell the story of “remember when.” Remember the time Coach Kilmer got run out of town even though he might not have done much wrong besides being kind of a jerk, semi-racist, and pushed his players beyond their physical limit? Remember the time John Moxon almost slept with his best friend’s girlfriend while the poor sucker was laid up in the hospital? Remember the time Lance Harbor became the youngest head coach at 18 years old, bypassing numerous highly qualified assistants? Remember the time when James Van Der Beek and Amy Smart were still a working actors? No? The Last Row remembers. Enjoy this week’s episode on the underrated classic, Varsity Blues.

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[On Demand] Jean-Claude Van Johnson + Fifty Shades Darker (EP 46)

This week’s episode features Drew and Badway stating their case as to why Amazon’s new Jean-Claude Van Damme action/comedy pilot Jean-Claude Van Johnson should be picked up for a full season. The guys give their top five reasons why the show works, do a bit of a deep dive into JCVD’s twilight years (as well as the latter stages of his peers), discuss the state of both streaming and network television. Additionally, Drew and Badway spend the episode’s final minutes (38:55) doing a rapid reaction to the newly released Fifty Shades Darker trailer, complete with “sex ghosts” and butt-whippers!

Watch Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Watch Fifty Shades Darker Trailer

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National Treasure (EP 45)

National Treasure is not only a movie, but the perfect way to describe Nicolas Cage. The Last Row Podcast recognizes this fact, and re-visited the action/adventure classic for this week’s episode. Topics include: Nic Cage as a cryptologist, Sean Bean as potentially the worst financier and an even less effective murderer (or the best attempted murderer?), Jon Voight’s obvious disinterest in playing a non-slimeball, the improbable love connection between Cage and Diane Kruger, and much more. The episode wraps with speculation on another sequel, and an exercise in swapping Cage’s roles with recent Oscar winners.

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[On Demand] Fast 8 Set Feuds / Live Action Disney Movies (EP 44)

Drew and Badway make the most of a slow news week with an On Demand episode revolving around two very different topics. First, the guys dive into Instagram tough guy Dwayne Johnson’s “set beef” with Vin Diesel, speculate who else on set might be worthy of the moniker “candy ass,” and who would win real life throwdowns vs The Rock himself. Later, things take a turn for the weird when the discussion turns to the greenlit live-action Disney reboot of The Little Mermaid. Everything is on the table: mermaids, mermen, fish flippers, man-fish love, casting choices, and a theoretical Aladdin live-action adaptation where William H. Macy plays the Magic Carpet. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the weirdness!

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(Photo courtesy of Comicbook.com and Universal)

Suicide Squad (EP 43)

Drew and Badway watched David Ayer’s Suicide Squad on opening weekend, and it was…not terrible! The Last Row Podcast guys discuss what worked, what didn’t, Jared Leto’s take on the Joker, and weigh in on the perceived shortcomings of the film by its detractors.

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