Jonathan Moxon lawn sign (Varsity Blues)

Varsity Blues (EP 47)

Jonathan Moxon does not want your life. He’s going to Brown. While the greatest fictional backup QB of all time (sorry, Matt Saracen) found a way out of his crappy hometown, The Last Row Podcast will always be here with the townies to tell the story of “remember when.” Remember the time Coach Kilmer got run out of town even though he might not have done much wrong besides being kind of a jerk, semi-racist, and pushed his players beyond their physical limit? Remember the time John Moxon almost slept with his best friend’s girlfriend while the poor sucker was laid up in the hospital? Remember the time Lance Harbor became the youngest head coach at 18 years old, bypassing numerous highly qualified assistants? Remember the time when James Van Der Beek and Amy Smart were still a working actors? No? The Last Row remembers. Enjoy this week’s episode on the underrated classic, Varsity Blues.

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