Doctor Okun in Independence Day

Independence Day / Independence Day: Resurgence (EP 39)

Happy Independence Day, Earth! This week on The Last Row Podcast, we relive the disaster movie classic, Independence Day. As Drew and Badway reveal their shockingly poor knowledge of Presidential Office laws and regulations, they ask the tough questions about the film that are still on everyone’s mind, such as: did President Whitmore really sleep with Goldblum’s wife? Was President Whitmore actually a crappy president that was saved by an epic speech? How likely was Will Smith able to successfully fly an alien spacecraft just because “he saw it in action”? Why are aliens always portrayed as sexual predators? How hard is it to fly a plane drunk? All of these are answered, and more. As a bonus, the guys give their thoughts and rapid reactions to the recently released sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence.

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