Captain America: Civil War

[On Demand] 2016 Summer Movie Preview & Underrated 90s Cinema (EP 29)

In the spirit of this summer’s movie slate, Drew and Badway roll out another sequel to The Last Row’s On Demand series. The guys break down the Summer Blockbusters set for release (spoiler alert: superheroes and sequels dominate), giving their quick takes on Captain America: Civil War, TMNT2, X-Men #412, Independence Day Not Starring Will Smith, The Purge 56, Now You See Me 2 (this one’s not a joke, they really made a 2nd one), a few “Space Movies” and much more. Other topics include: The new Star Wars Rogue One trailer, Badway’s love of MTV’s The Real World (yes he’s over 30, sad), favorite underappreciated 90s flicks, and a rousing game of “Jack Black Was In That???”

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