The Last Row Movie Awards – 2022 (EP 123)

As Hollywood and the Academy prepare to hand out some Oscars, Drew and Badway are set to hand out the Last Row Podcast awards for their 2022 season. Who will take home the coveted “Raul Julia Memorial Acting Clinic” award? Or the “Peter McAllister Worst Father of the Year”? Listen in and find out!

Edward Scissorhands (EP 122)

The Last Row Podcast welcomes 2023 with a look at the most Tim Burton movie of all time: 1990’s Edward Scissorhands. The guys are all over the place on this one, with Drew describing why this movie makes him sad, while Badway is concerned about whether or not Edward has a butthole. Plus: other possible hand attachments, Anthony Michael Hall as a lame villain, and an appreciation for Alan Arkin.

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